Friday, January 18, 2013


New life. New beginning. New blog. Mind you, I'm starting this blog being drunk. Tsipouro from Larissa (WITH GLYKANISO) is the guilty party.
I don't know what this is going to be about, no plan, no aim. It's going to be about music I guess. Mainly. And it's going to be in english. Mainly. Except when it won't be.

For an opening post, my discovery of the day. They're swedes. And, like many cases in music the last thirty years or so, this fact is usually just about enough. To my retarded discovery, they've actually been around since 2003. I daresay they fit into this new power-pop/melodic-punk/whatever thing that is really hip nowadays, but they seem to have gone too long a way since their start nine years ago to be so lightly-hearted classified. Looking down to its root, this is rock n'roll (I guess you'll read this term many times from me), the latent and/or ambiguous sexuality fully included. Although I'll usually do my best trying to sound like one, I'm not the musical guru to namedrop influences and potential starting points; the fact is that these guys nailed me to the wall after the first listen, which was this perticular track:

Then, browsing more, I listened to this:

both songs being from their latest 2009 album. 

C.Aarmé have released 3 albums in total (2004's s/t, 2006's "Vita" and 2009's "World Music") and a handful of singles. Check out their sound on their official myspace site and hunt down their albums, as they're all incredible; that is if you're a fan of music with guitars and buckets of rock n'roll feeling.

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