Friday, February 15, 2013


Despite the certain danger to look outdated and retarded, I feel I need to make a Kvelertak post. The above video of a kick-ass tune announcing their return in a month or so with their second album "Meir" compels me to praise these six Norsemen that debuted musically with their revolutionary self-titled album back in 2010.
The exact reason I hadn't personally discovered them up until some time ago eludes me. For some reason, I had never given the time or the attention they deserved. And, despite all the outcries and jeers I'm bound to collect from hipsters and/or self-proclaimed music messiahs everywhere, I ought to scream that Kvelertak are my new favourite band from this decade so far and they certainly look like they have all the potential to become big. And we're talking BIG.
Blackmetal, punk, hardcore, rock n'roll, hard rock, heavy metal; all blended under lyrical themes of norwegian folklore wrapped inside a party mood. In writing, it might look confusing and contradicting, but their sound makes perfect sense and should appeal to all fans of extreme music with guitars. Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Slayer, Turbonegro, Hellacopters, Zyklon, Amorphis are few specific influences off the top of my head, but one could find dozens of different things in here all combined in an explosive result. Kvelertak are accused of unsuccessfully combining opposite musical elements, of being mainstream, of somehow being too happy and too "party-ish" for this kind of music..but does this all really matter against the feeling of being 15 again after you've discovered a new kick-ass band that makes you sing its tunes all day inside your head and compels you to grab your air mic and your air guitar?
If you haven't already, go listen to KVELERTAK; and this is the best advice one can get out of me these days \m/

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