Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Belated obsessions: Los Tromos - Boooo (2005)

I've been stumbling on the Los Tromos name for years now and I always wanted to check them out, but never got around to it. This changed when Fuzztastic Planet 2013 was announced; this gave me the motive I needed. I got hold of their 2005 Boooo album and, to put it mildly, I was blown away.
This is the definition of cool music which gets even cooler by the relaxed and "easy" way these guys are performing it. The genre is basically rock n'roll, but the band makes a habit of crossing over to other areas, be it surf, alternative, garage, americana; at times they even show some postrock/shoegaze wannabes how it's done. Boooo's 38 minutes flow almost unnoticeably, as one great tune follows another. This is an album that can haunt your lazy summers for a lifetime, an album that speaks directly to your mind, despite the fact that most of the songs are instrumental. Don't make the mistake I've been doing up until now; that is putting off discovering Boooo, even eight whole years after its release. And join me in praying that Los Tromos will be back together in a more permanent manner and will offer us more great stuff in the future.

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