Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sofia Sarri - Euphoria (2017)

When you have started out in bands like Night on Earth where you have demonstrated abilities and talents that leave the audience stare with awe, it's not strange that, when you create your first personal work, it is going to be an opus of this caliber.

I had a special relationship with Night on Earth when I lived in Athens as I had the chance to watch them live numerous times, one with Thanasis Papakonstaninou of course. That band was a special case to say the least, as they were something like a more classical (in orchestration) version of Portishead, mixing this with post-rock formulas which, 10+ years ago, hadn't yet become so trite, in my opinion. Night on Earth's ace in the sleeve though was none other than small and delicate Sofia who, just by looking at her, it didn't look like she could pull this strength. The whole Night on Earth collective was always comprised by skilled musicians, but this voice automatically set them several levels higher.

To be honest, I haven't followed on Sofia's activities for many years now, and this album is an unexpected pleasant surprise. This girl here obviously just does as she likes and this shows the width of her influences. Stepping even on the avant-garde limits, she uses acoustic and greek traditional instruments for her voice to step on, in jazz rhythms at one time and in more classical ones at the other, always in an intense dark melodiousness, and a latent "norwegian" feeling. For instance, Kari Ruesslatten came a lot on my mind, among others. Anyway, I think I've said enough, you can listen for yourselves:


  1. ω ναι,την συναντάμε και σε μέταλς!!

  2. Nice!I heard some similar samples to these tracks, i left link here -