Sunday, January 7, 2018

Michael Guratza - Songs that Speak the Truth (2018)

This is one of the first great surprises in Greek underground music in 2018. Michael Guratza (also the singer/guitarist/mastermind of Bat Signal from Thessaloniki) released this gem on just the second day of the year. Even being aware of his talent and musicianship from his work with his band, this here was anything but expected for me. Michael strips his tunes completely naked of needless and unnecessary bearings and delivers them just as they are; only with his voice and guitar. And this is exactly what they need, since they alone have a reason of existence and are full of emotion. If I had to describe it musically, it all moves within a folk/americana/alternative area, at times borrowing other elements as well (like traditional greek rhythms, for instance), and with Michael giving them his own distinct character. The lyrics add a special spice to it all, overall making this work worthy of getting as much attention as possible. Discover this hidden treasure and spread the word. It really deserves it.

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