Sunday, June 2, 2013


I'm a faggot, you told me so.
I'm a faggot, you let me know.
And when I die, you'll know why.
Yes, I'm nothing. I'm dirt. I'm one with the bottom. But you are too. Our only difference is you fail to realize it. And your blind intolerance, your mindless fundamentalism, your political correctness do a shit job at replacing that realization.
Hoax emerged three years ago in Western Massachusetts and do they look destined for great things! After a demo tape in 2010, they have released three self-titled 7" vinyl EPs, all of which are compiled in one single 12" LP (s/t as well) which was just released. It's just amazing how a new band moving in the same old "hardcore punk" genre can give freshness and new edge to the sound. Hoax carry a heavy-as-fuck dirt in their sound while they have achieved a huge notoriety about their violently energetic live shows, where a mad microphone-bearing bald man keeps hitting his head with it until it bleeds while he grabs every chance of bringing it on with the audience. Definitely a fresh touch to the scene, seeing them live somehow is the next thing I want to do.

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