Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Oblivians - Desperation (2013)

Eric Friedl, Greg Cartwright and Jack Yarber had called it quits 16 years ago to go into other projects (personal or not); including South Filthy, Jack Oblivian & the Cigarillos, Knaughty Knights, Tennessee Tearjerkers, Greg Oblivian & the Tip-Tops, Reigning Sound and Bad Times, among others. Scepticism is something given here, as in every case of a "lengendary" get-together after such a long time. And this happens because, in many cases, the only motive is none other than to recreate past glories and cash on them today as much as possible. Thankfully, this is not the case here. Apart from the occasional reunion shows the last years, Oblivians are back with a new record bearing the old familiar feeling, yet with a slightly new approach. The "dirt" has been somewhat tuned down (as opposed to epics like Soul Food and Popular Favorites, that is) but the Oblivians edge is still definitely present, now in a more mature and substantial form. Enjoyable foot-tapping garage rock drenched in bluesy and country humidity is what you get; and make no mistake about it. We're already almost in the middle of the year, so it's not too soon to talk about a possible best rock n'roll record of 2013. So be sure to check Desperation out sometime soon and, while you're at it, kill a punk for rock n'roll.

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