Monday, June 10, 2013

Vain Herätys, perkele!

I came across Herätys just a tad before they announced their split in February 2012. They were started as a side project of members of Skitkids and Unkind, two of today's hardcore/d-beat heroes from Sweden and Finland respectively. Based on Malmö and Uppsala, they are considered swedish, but all their lyrics are in finnish. Since 2008, they have put out three vinyl releases (two 7"'s and one 12") while they have given destructive live shows all over northern Europe. According to the band, last December's Näen Punaista 7" was their last ever release, although I do pray they could at some point decide to get back together, even temporarily.
Herätys are a case of worship or hate. Their absolutely direct way of delivering their kerosene-infused material leaves no room for misinterpretation; this is raw and naked punk, inherited as is from the d-beat kings Discharge and taken several steps further, with the razor-sharp lyrics being the topping. If raw feeling and unleashed hardcore sound is your game then you'll definitely feel at home. And the best thing you can do is check out and then hunt down their short (only 35 minutes in total) but demolishing discography.

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